Arianna May has been taking photos ever since she could hold a camera. Growing up with creative parents has shaped Arianna’s interest and innate talent for creating art.
Living in LA with the beaches, deserts, gardens, sunsets, neon signs, glamour and grit on the street, creates her visual stories. They often evoke the sadness and introspection and the simple beauty of her surroundings with a touch of retro nostalgia. Utilizing friends willing to pose at a local storefront exterior or bands she finds interesting for her vision.
Arianna as well started her zine, Pinstriped back in January 2017 and since has released new issues every season.

*Avalible for commission! *


: @Filthywitch


Band Work - Head Shots/Live Gigs: $15/hr including editing time

Portraits: $10/hr including editing time